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the healing power of touch

Bodywork is an integral component of classical Chinese medicine.

Since the 1700s, Chinese medicine has utilized a modality known in Chinese as Tuina (tway-nah), which evolved out of the needs of martial arts students and practitioners.  This modality involves various deep tissue massage techniques that open the body's lines of communication to treat pain and stiffness and improve overall health.

My preference is to utilize gentler bodywork techniques that emphasize "listening" to the body and helping it unwind patterns of pain and tension as it is ready. 


My bodywork  training includes craniosacral therapy and myofascial release, and most of what I offer patients is a combination of these two approaches.  Additionally, I am trained in a Japanese style of what might be called somatic re-education known as Sotai (sow-tie), which is an effective way to treat physical imbalances through the nervous system by treating in the body's direction of ease.

I incorporate some bodywork into all first-time office visits, and in standard follow up sessions if time allows.  For anyone preferring additional focused bodywork in followup sessions, I offer extended appointments to allow more time for manual therapy tailored to your body's needs.  

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