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It's an honor to support you on your health journey

What Does Chinese Medical Care Look Like?

The power of Chinese medicine lays in its ability to be customized to each individual's current needs.  Chinese medical care is unique in that it both offers and requires a greater degree of commitment from both patient and practitioner than conventional medical care.  The length of the intake process reflects the depth to which I go with my patients to understand their embodied experience in an effort to offer the most individualized treatment possible.  Courses of treatment may look different depending on your goals, availability, and insurance coverage, but all new patients begin with an extended office visit that includes a complete medical history and intake, a detailed diagnostic assessment, and a full acupuncture treatment that includes some bodywork.  Incoming patients are required to schedule 4 consecutive treatments spaced out over the course of 2 to 4 weeks to begin with.  These initial sessions are essential to help us lay the groundwork for your future care.  Progress is typically seen within these first 4 sessions, but it could take up to 8 to feel meaningful changes in your condition if it has been a chronic issue. 

Acupuncture can have instant results, but its deepest benefits are seen when received regularly over an extended period of time.  In general, acute conditions tend to resolve more quickly than long-standing chronic conditions.  If you start feeling better within the first few sessions, know that it is in your best interest to continue your care to help results to last longer as well as to prevent future illness. 

Once people's main symptoms have been addressed, they usually continue to come in for once or twice a month to maintain wellness and manage stress.  Others choose to take a break from regular care and instead opt to schedule a series of 6 to 8 treatments every spring and autumn to fortify their immune system during seasonal transitions.  Some people rely on continued weekly treatments to ensure stability of their mental and physical health, while others reach out mainly when symptoms flare. 

Whatever course of action you choose to take is up to you - acupuncture and Chinese herbs can and do treat every condition under the sun at any stage of progression. 

Chinese medicine's hidden power is in prevention

Optimizing health today to avoid illness tomorrow is, physiologically and economically speaking, the best investment you can make.  After all, "treating illness after it has arrived is like forging weapons only after the war has started" (Sun Tzu). 

I am a herbalist as much as I am an acupuncturist. 


I prescribe nearly all my patients herbs at some point.  Chinese herbal formulas offer incredible opportunities for healing both acute and chronic conditions, and for maintaining optimal wellness.  Herbs are not covered by insurance, but I do my best to make herbs affordable, and always do my best to work within patients' budgets to get them the care they need. 

Cancellation Policy

Out of respect for other patients and me as a small business owner, please cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to 48 hours before your scheduled time to avoid a late-cancellation fee.  Missed appointments and late cancellations will be charged the full cash rate of the appointment with minimal exception.

If you are considering canceling your appointment due to unexpected illness, please know you have options.  Chinese medicine excels at treating acute symptoms, and so I make every effort to treat my patients with urgent needs.  As long as I am able to leave ample time between appointments, and your symptoms are not so bothersome as to prevent you from receiving acupuncture, I will be happy to accommodate you granted we both wear masks for the duration of the appointment.  If your symptoms are too bothersome (such as vomiting, diarrhea or incessant cough), you may alter your in-office treatment to a virtual herbal consultation at no extra charge.  Alternately, if you are able to move your appointment to another time in the same calendar week, I will not charge a late cancellation or missed appointment fee.  Lastly, if you prefer to cancel your appointment due to acute illness, you will only be charged a $25 late cancellation fee. 


I am currently in network with many insurance plans.

Check out my insurance page to learn more. 

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