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the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

Is the adage "you are what you eat" really true? 

Not exactly.  It would be more accurate to say that you're a reflection of your body's ability to transform what you eat. 

Everything we do in life is enabled and supported by the foods we eat and the ability of our body to optimally utilize what we feed it.  Despite eating plenty of calories, many people today are nutritionally malnourished due to the decreasing availability of vital nutrients in the produce grown today along with the increasing prevalence of impaired digestion. 

Classical Chinese medicine prioritizes eating seasonally as well as selecting foods that support one's constitution and present condition.  I incorporate this wisdom into treatment plans by encouraging patients to eat foods that I believe will support their physiology. 

I whole-heartedly enourage the use of locally-grown produce and regeneratively-raised meats not only for the health of the individual, but for that of our local communities, economies, and the earth itself.  In Chinese medicine, the primary digestive organs are viewed as belonging to the element of Earth - there is no question that the way we approach the production of food affects the health of the Earth processes in our bodies.  Depleted soil only seems like a distant problem until we realize it's linked to declining human gut health.

Much of my artistic expression comes out in my kitchen, and as a lover of food preparation and nutrition, I enjoy supporting my patients in incorporating healthy and delicious foods into their lives, too.

Beyond the Kitchen

Sometimes it isn't possible to acquire all the nutrition our bodies need through the diet.  Rather than rely on chemically manufactured supplements, I more commonly prescribe nutrient-dense whole-foods extracts that provide support to the body without overriding it's innate mechanisms.

Interested in using holistic nutrition to improve your health?

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