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so much more than acupuncture

Chinese medicine, when practiced cohesively,

is a sophisticated medical model that treats people, not diseases. 


By appreciating the whole person in the context of their life and environment, this ancient and time-tested system not only alleviates symptoms but also addresses the underlying physiological processes that lead to illness.  By using minimally invasive techniques that work with the body's resources, not against them, Chinese medicine offers the potential for true healing with almost no risk of side effects.


More than just acupuncture, Chinese medicine offers an array of modalities that allow a well-trained practitioner to support patients in reaching their health goals, even without using needles.

The primary modalities of Chinese medicine are known as the five pillars:

Herbal Medicine



Nutrition Therapy

Qi Gong/Exercise Therapy

Click on the images below to learn about each modality and how I use them in patient care.

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